12 Incredible Tattoos of Samurai


Samurai were skilled warriors in medieval Japan. They wore imposing, decorative armour and carried deadly but intricately crafted weapons. They were both visually impressive and lethal in combat.

And thanks to their iconic, ornamental armour, and the ideas they represented, samurai are a popular tattoo choice in the 21st century. But what is the meaning behind samurai tattoos?

Well, samurai tattoos can mean a number of things. And often, what they represent goes hand in hand with the values that samurai lived by.

Samurai were a mixture of composure and ferocity; calm yet fierce. They lived their life by the code of Bushido, which encouraged eight virtues. These were: justice, courage, compassion, respect, integrity, honour, loyalty and self-control.

As well as this, samurai tattoos can represent strength and bravery. They can also express a passion for learning and self-discipline.

Another trait that tattoos of samurai can represent is nobility. Samurai weren’t just warriors; at the time, they were also a social-class in Japan. For somebody to become one, they had to be born into nobility.

Below, we’ve put together a collection of 12 of the most incredible tattoos of samurai to inspire and amaze you. Take a look!

Colour Realism Arm Tattoo of a Samurai by Black Adry Sanchez
Tattoo by Black Adry Sanchez @_blacksanchez_

Colour Realism Back Tattoo of female Samurai by Akbar Tawakkai
Tattoo by Akbar Tawakkai @ata.ink

Colour Realism Tattoo of Samurai by Bartlomiej Kluczyk
Tattoo by Bartlomiej Kluczyk @bartlomiej_kluczyk

Black & Grey Realism Tattoo of a Samurai Mask by Dom Brown
Tattoo by Dom Brown @dombrowntattoo

Colour Back Tattoo of a Samurai Warrior by Giannis Piperakis
Tattoo by Giannis Piperakis @giannis_drpeppertattoo

Colour Realism Sleeve of a Female Samurai and Stork by Kristina Taylor
Tattoo by Kristina Taylor @kristinataylor_tattoo

Colour Realism Back Tattoo of Samurai on Horseback by Lena Karlsruhe
Tattoo by Lena Karlsruhe@lenaartkarlsruhe

Black & Grey Realism Arm Tattoo by Miroslav Pavlovic
Tattoo by Miroslav Pavlovic @miroslavart

Black & Grey Realism Tattoo of a Samurai Mask by Pascal Malorni Reniere
Tattoo by Pascal Malorni Reniere @needle_juice

Black & Grey Tattoo of Female Samurai by Volkan Demirci
Tattoo by Volkan Demirci @volkantattooz

Black & Grey Realism Arm Tattoo of a Samurai by Yarson
Tattoo by Yarson Tattoo @yarson_tattoo

Black & Grey Realism Samurai by Zombie Jambula
Tattoo by Zombie Jambula @zombiejambula


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