15 Tremendous Tattoos of Birds


Tattoos of birds represent a wide range of human emotions and experiences. As one of nature’s most common, yet diverse animals, they’ve always been a highly popular tattoo choice. This is thanks to the variety of  ideas that different bird-types can signify.

From freedom and spirituality to strength and wisdom, the type of bird pictured often dictates what the tattoo itself represents. So when looking for bird tattoo ideas, this is something to keep in mind.

The swallow is one of the most common examples of bird tattoos. It’s one that people will instantly think of; specifically, maritime swallow tattoos worn by sailors.

These bird tattoos showcased the sailor’s experience on the seas. As well as this, maritime legends say that if the sailor drowned, the swallow would carry his soul to heaven.

However, there are many more fantastic ways that birds can be incorporated into tattoos to tell your own story. Whether a fearless eagle or a tenacious humming bird, avian-inspired tattoos give you the opportunity to express yourself through one of natures most majestic creatures.

From mysterious crows to stunning red cardinals, below are 15 beautiful examples of tattoos of birds to inspire you.

Neotraditional Colour Tattoo of a Bird by Aimee Bray
Tattoo by Aimee Bray @aimeebrayart
Colour Tattoo of Bird & Flowers by Ivan Aleman
Tattoo by Ivan Aleman @alemantattooscuba
Colour Realistic Tattoo of a Bird by Allen Brunn
Tattoo by Allen Brunn @allenbrunn
Colour Bird Tattoo by Natasha Lisova
Tattoo by Natasha Lisova @animal_tattooer
Colour Realism Tattoo of two birds by Anna Kryuchkova
Tattoo by Anna Kryuchkova @anna.works
Colour Realism Tattoo of a Woman and Bird by Anna Kryuchkova
Tattoo by Anna Kryuchkova @anna.works
Colour Watercolour Tattoo of a Hummingbird by Derek Scott
Tattoo by Derek Scott @derekscottart
Black & Grey Tattoo of a Bird & Water by Egon Weiss
Tattoo by Egon Weiss @egon_weiss
Colour Realism Tattoo of a Bird, Woman and Skeleton by Ivan Panayotov
Tattoo by Ivan Panayotov @ivanpanayotovtattoo
Colour Realism Leg Tattoo of a bird by Jason Baker
Tattoo by Jason Baker @jason_bakertattoo
Colour Realism Tattoo of a Pelican by Maya Sapiga
Tattoo by Maya Sapiga @maya_sapiga
Black & Grey Tattoo of a Bird by Nhanna Scott
Tattoo by Nhanna Scott @nhannascott
Colour Realism Back Tattoo of Birds and Apples by Torsten Malm
Tattoo by Torsten Malm @torstenmalm_tattoo
Colour Tattoo of a Woman & Bird by Vinni Mattos
Tattoo by Vinni Mattos @vinnitattoo
Colour Tattoo of a Bird by Yonmar
Tattoo by Yonmar @yonmar_c


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