10 Great Geometric Tattoos

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10 Great Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are not just simple shapes of triangles and lines connected to dots. There’s a lot more complexity and meaning integrated into each geometric design. Originally associated with religious and spiritual practices in ancient times, they have evolved into a representation of symbolism and symmetry in modern culture. Geometric designs can be done in all colors using basic common shapes like circles but they can also incorporate shapes from nature such as leaves and stars. Oftentimes, the lines and dots, or triangles connect to create a different and even larger shape that might not be noticeable at first glance.

The meaning behind each design is different and personal to each individual, of course. Some geometric designs include numerals to represent a cosmic connection of someone’s birth chart, but lines could have different meanings as, do triangles, which could represent someone’s feminine side or masculine side.

It’s no surprise the recipient of a geometric tattoo, after the detailed work and hours of sweat and hard labor can be left in awe stunned by the artistic perfection which has been created on a canvas entirely made of skin.

As seen in the first photo, the tattoo design is created with black and white ink and involves lines and circles that cover all the bare skin, so the entire arm is covered in one theme. It’s hard not to get lost in it.

The reason why geometric tattoos are so fascinating is that they absorb you mentally, the longer you stare at a design, the more you notice smaller details such as dot work, which is very common.

We have selected 10 amazing geometric tattoos to showcase different designs from black & white to color. From abstract to a blend of abstract and realism.

Let’s take a look.

Black & Grey Geometric Sleeve by Dillon Forte Tattoo by Dillon Forte, @dillonforte

Geometric Hand Tattoo of a Budha by Emanuel Oliveira Tattoo by Emanuel Oliveira, @emanueloliveira_tattooart

Geometric Colour Back Tattoo by Keegan Sweeney Tattoo by Keegan Sweeney, @keegan.sweeney.tattooer

Black & Grey Geometric Tattoo combined with a Womans Face by Martin Couley Tattoo by Martin Couley, @martincouleytattoo

Black & Grey Geometric Tattoo of Womens Faces by Martin Couley Tattoo by Martin Couley, @martincouleytattoo

Colour Geometric Tattoo of a Womans Face by Martin Couley Tattoo by Martin Couley, @martincouleytattoo

Black & Grey Geometric Leg Sleeve by Nisacco Tattoo by Nissaco, @nissaco

Colour Geometric Tattoo of a Womans Face by Paul Vandr-Johnson Tattoo by Paul Vander-Johnson, @paulvanderjohnson

Colour Geometric Shape Tattoo combined with a Womans Face by Paul Vander-Johnson Tattoo by Paul Vander-Johnson, @paulvanderjohnson

Black Ink Geometric Arm Sleeve by Ramundo Ramirez Tattoo by Raimundo Ramirez, @raimundo_ramirez

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