11 of The Best from Hobojack

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11 of The Best from Hobojack

Hobo Jack create eye-catching tattoo-inspired clothing for people who aren't content with just fitting in.

In little over half a decade, what started as a humble side hustle has grown into something much more. Based in Leigh-on-Sea, England, Hobo Jack have built their brand from the ground up. And the result? Over 100,000 orders and an impressive social media following - with over 157,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Not bad for a clothing brand started in a garage by a pair of guys lovingly dubbed 'the hobo brothers'.

But why should you take notice of Hobo Jack clothing? This brand is made by tattoo-lovers for tattoo lovers - and it's clear in the garments they craft.

They've collaborated with a number of tattoo artists, and for this reason their ink-inspired designs have an authentic look about them. They make use of a lot of old-school tattoo style graphics. But as well as this, they bring other, slightly different vibes to the table with their Japan and Amsterdam collections, for example.

Aside from clothing, they have some cool accessories on offer, such as headwear, backpacks and even their own beard care products.

Ready to get an idea of what Hobo Jack clothing is all about? Take a look below to see our top 11 favourite Hobo Jack pieces.

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