15 Cracking Indiana Jones Tattoos

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15 Cracking Indiana Jones Tattoos

Created by George Lucas and directed by Steven Spielberg, the Indiana Jones franchise was always going to be a hit. And almost 40 years since the first instalment, it's safe to say these movies have stood the test of time.

So, to celebrate these superb films, we've put together a collection of Indiana Jones tattoos below.

About The Indiana Jones Movies

Indiana Jones made his first appearance on cinema screens back in 1981, in the legendary movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Similar to Star Wars, Indiana Jones was created by George Lucas in an effort to put a modern-spin on movies from days-gone-by.

Packed full of action and adventure, the Indiana Jones series has it all. The movies follow Indie as he hunts for treasures and answers to ancient mysteries around the globe.

The movies have been the source of some of the most memorable and instantly-recognisable scenes in cinematic history. There have been countless references to Indiana Jones in films and TV, from Borat to Family Guy to Toy Story.

Indiana Jones Tattoos

Played by Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones doesn't leave the house without his unmistakable get-up, comprising of a fedora, satchel and bullwhip.

The character is introduced in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie as a professor of archaeology, but fans of the franchise remember him more for adventure than they do academia.

Over the course of the quadrilogy, we've seen him fight nazis, evade angry tribesmen and overcome his fear of snakes (why did it have to be snakes!).

Henry Jones Snr Tattoos

Dr. Henry Jones Tattoo by Phil Young

Father to Indiana, Henry Jones Snr appears in the 1989 movie The Last Crusade. By profession, Henry Snr is a professor of Medieval literature and expert of Grail Lore - which must be pretty handy when you're looking for the Holy Grail.

When George Lucas told Stephen Speilberg about his ideas for creating Indiana Jones, he said that he wanted to make something fun 'like a Bond movie'. It is said that this played a part in Sean Connery being cast to play Indiana's father.

Melting Nazi Faces

Indiana Jones Melting Face Tattoo by deathtokristengoetztattoo

One of the most iconic scenes in the Indiana Jones series comes at the very end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. In this scene, Arnold Ernst Toht and a large group of Nazis meet a gruesome end as a result of opening the ark.

Toht's death is particularly memorable as his face literally melts off. Watching this scene in 2020, it's crazy to think this movie shares the same age rating as Frozen and Finding Dory.

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