15 Spectacular Wolf Tattoos

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15 Spectacular Wolf Tattoos

When it comes to animal themed tattoos, a wolf tattoo is one of the most popular. The wolf tattoo's usually have the wolf posed in some common stances for example, howling at the moon, growling, protecting cubs or within the forest.

Due to the charcoal and grey coloring's of a wolf's goat, wolf tattoos are commonly inked in black & grey which lends to the realism of the overall tattoo. In recent years with the rise in popularity of watercolour tattoos you will see some tattoos with a faint blue colour running through them in a watercolour style.

Just like a lion tattoo , a wolf tattoo sits on certain parts of the body better than others. A wolf tattoo will look stunning on areas of the body that won't distort it with too much of a curve. The most common places would be the upper back, shoulders and the biceps. It is possible to have a wolf tattoo in smaller places such as the forearms, wrists or hands but with scaling a tattoo design down to fit a small place you loose a lot of the details.

Wolf tattoos can take on many meanings. Wolves are notorious for hunting in packs and sticking together so a wolf tattoo could represent family bonds or loyalty. Its also common for siblings to get matching wolf tattoos to depict that they are members of the same family.

For people who want to show their leadership or protective side, a wolf tattoo is a great addition. Wolf packs are usually led by an alpha male who would travel at the back of the pack to protect them from any dangers creeping up behind them for a surprise attack.

Wolves are nature's survivors, so people who have been through a recent trauma or struggle are known to get a wolf tattoo to symbolize how they have overcame their demons and celebrate their status as a survivor.

Choosing the final design for your wolf tattoo can be a daunting task. To help you with your decision we have compiled some examples of wolf tattoos in various styles and colours to give you inspiration on your design. When you find a style you want, make sure the artist you choose specializes in that style and has built up a good collection within their portfolio.

Tattoo by @damon_tattoos
Tattoo by @maddog_tattoos
Tattoo by @needle_juice
Tattoo by @shine_tattoos
Tattoo by @willy_martin

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