23 Cool Rose Tattoos

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23 Cool Rose Tattoos

Some tattoo designs become fashionable because of the time period like tribal in the 90’s. Other tattoos are timeless and will always be popular like rose tattoos. Rose Tattoos first came to popularity with sailors in the 1930s who would get them to represent their girlfriend, wife or mother. After this the symbolism of the Rose expanded to represent love and femininity whilst becoming a classic tattoo choice.

Although the rose as a tattoo theme is quite popular, the Rose itself allows for the customer to have a truly unique tattoo. Every rose petal is distinct and every Rose shape differs meaning no two designs will be identical.

The number of rose petals in a design can reflect numerology. Three petals can mean the person it represents is artistic. Five petals can depict a person who is independent in both mind and soul and also a risk taker. Seven petals is for the intellectual, the thinker, the seeker of the truth.

The colour of your Rose have distinct interpretations. Red universally represents love and passion. White is a symbol of purity and innocence or spirituality. Yellow roses are associated with platonic friendships, cheer or joy. Pink roses are for grace, elegance and dignity.

Rose Tattoos can be drawn with or without thorns. For some it changes a design from something that is a symbol of beauty to mean that you can look at something that is beautiful but you can’t touch.In tarot a Rose is a representation of balance. The thorns are symbols of loss and defence while the Rose itself is a display of hope, promise or new beginnings.

No matter the style your leaning towards for the final design of your Rose Tattoo we have compiled a gallery of examples of various styles to give you ideas that can be incorporated in the final artwork.

Tattoo by @brian_zolotas
Tattoo by BT Tattoo
Tattoo by @cubatattoo
Tattoo by @dbkaye
Tattoo by @devincoley
Tattoo by @ivancubastatt
Tattoo by @ivancubastatt
Tattoo by @ivancubastatt
Tattoo by @k_peanut_
Tattoo by @lukas_smyku
Tattoo by @peter_tatter
Tattoo by @ponywave
Tattoo by @tattoobylaw

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