24 Stunning Eye Tattoos

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24 Stunning Eye Tattoos

They say that your eyes are the window to your soul. A person can define your emotional state and learn a lot about you very quickly just by looking you straight in the eye. The eyes take in imagery and are the initial sense that defines our perceived surroundings. It’s no wonder that eyes have been worshiped and immortalised in designs for thousands of years and tattoos of eyes have always been in demand since beginning of body modification.

The eye symbol can be seen in different forms across different cultures. For ancient Egyptians, you had the Eye of Ra, which represented the power of the sun in a disk. In addition you have the eye of Horus that is a symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. Both of these have become pretty popular tattoos in modern day culture.

One of the most iconic tattoos is the All Seeing Eye. The All Seeing Eye or Eye of Providence as it’s also known is Christian in origin. It is usually depicted as an eye within a triangle. The eye is surrounded by light or gods glory and is a symbol of God overseeing humanity.

Lastly there is the realism Tattoo. Tattoos so realistic that you would believe it's a real eye staring at you from somebodies skin. With the advance of colour pigment in tattoo ink over the past few years, the level of detail and blending of colours for the iris is just phenomenal and has led to some outstanding work.

If you are looking for an eye tattoo idea, then look no further than this article and the “eye” catching examples we have selected below:

Tattoo by Alfonso Ferlisi @alfonsoferlisitattoo
Tattoo by Amarya @amayratattoo
Tattoo by Amarya @amayratattoo
Tattoo by Arnaud Pradier @arnaud_pradier_tattooist
Tattoo by Carlos Piedrahita @carlos_piedrahita_art
Tattoo by David Barrera @david_barrera_artist
Tattoo by Douglas Prudente @douglasprudentetattoo
Tattoo by Damian Gorski @gorskytattoos
Tattoo by Gunnar V @gunnar_v_tattoo
Tattoo by Jake Ross @jakerosstattoos
Tattoo by Jake Ross @jakerosstattoos
Tattoo by Jhony Ramirez @jhonyramireztattoo
Tattoo by Joky Fluke @jokyfluke_luxuryink
Tattoo by Kirsten Pettitt @k_peanut_
Tattoo by Katlin Malm @katlinmalm_tattoo
Tattoo by Tamas Kovacs @kovacs_tamas
Tattoo by Ksenia Vaykhel @ksenia_vaykhel
Tattoo by Kyle Devries @kyledevriesink
Tattoo by Majorink Jackson @majorink_jackson
Tattoo by Malibu Budd @malibubuddtattoos
Tattoo by Roberth Nishimura @nishimuratatuador
Tattoo by Sullivan Tatuagens @sullivantatuagens
Tattoo by Vasilli Suvorov @tattoo_suvorov
Tattoo by Ubiratan @ubiratanamorim

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