Over 40 Action-Packed Terminator Tattoos

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Over 40 Action-Packed Terminator Tattoos

When it comes to 80s action movies, they don't come much more legendary than Terminator. This epic franchise has amassed a huge cult following over the years with die-hard fans all around the world.

So, below, we've rounded up some of the best Terminator tattoos on the Skynet for you to take a look at.

About Terminator

Created by James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd, the Terminator franchise started back in 1984 with the release of the original movie. Since then, there have been five sequels; some great, some... not so much.

The Terminator movies are centred around the future human race's fight for survival against a defence computer system, known as Skynet, that has gone rogue and is attempting to exterminate all human life.

Terminator Tattoos

Terminators are cybernetic organisms - cyborgs; a combination of robotics and human tissue. This allows them to blend in with humans, making them well-equipped for their primary function: killing. Super-strong and ultra-focused, these mechanical menaces are a force to be reckoned with.

Arnold Schwarzenegger played the most famous of the Terminators, but he is, by no means, the only one of his kind. As the series progresses, the Terminators become more sophisticated.

Sarah Connor Tattoos

Sarah Connor is the protagonist in the first Terminator movie and is the mother of John Connor, the man who will go on to give the human race a fighting chance of defeating Skynet. For this reason, she is targetted by a time-travelling Terminator whose mission is to take her out before John can be born.

John Connor Tattoos

While John Connor doesn't actually appear in the first film, he is the basis of the whole plot. In the future, he's a hero who has taught the humans how to fight against the machines. Which is exactly why Arnie has travelled back through time to terminate Sarah Connor, John's mother.

We don't actually see John Connor until Terminator 2: Judgement day, in which he is a delinquent teenager. When we do, he is being pursued by two terminators, one of which is an exact replica of the one who tried to kill his mother all those years ago - this time with a completely different mission.

Kyle Reese Tattoos

Kyle Reese features in the first Terminator film. He's a human soldier who comes back in time to protect Sarah Connor from the incoming Terminator who is hellbent on killing her.

Biomechanical Terminator Tattoos

Because of the way Terminators are made, a combination of human flesh and robotic skeletons, biomechanical tattoos are a popular choice for Terminator-inspired ink.

Biomechanical tattoos cleverly create the illusion of machinery revealed beneath the skin - much like during the Terminator movies, when Arnie is injured and his robotic insides are exposed, for example.

Can't get enough? Keep scrolling for even more Terminator tattoos.

Hasta la vista, baby.

Terminator Tattoo by tomashblaszczak
Terminator Tattoo by emavarelaa
Terminator Tattoo by manuelclementoni_tattoo
Terminator Tattoo by romantattoos
Terminator Tattoo by timchildstattoo
Terminator Tattoo by mikehamill17
Terminator Tattoo by prodigytat2
Terminator Tattoo by manuelclementoni_tattoo
Terminator Tattoo by jonz.b
Terminator Tattoo by manuelclementoni_tattoo
Terminator Tattoo by michaeltaguet
Terminator Tattoo by amyedwardstattoo
Terminator Tattoo by thealexwright
Terminator Tattoo by thealexwright
Terminator Tattoo by james_artink
Terminator Tattoo by miguelangeltattoo
Terminator Tattoo by olegtattoo
Terminator Tattoo by romantattoos
Terminator Tattoo by nikkohurtado
Terminator Tattoo by jacobsheffieldtattoos

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