A Closer Look At Sullen's Choloha Collection

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A Closer Look At Sullen's Choloha Collection

There are a lot of brands out there who do 'tattoo inspired' clothing, but very few get it right in the same way that Sullen Art Co. do. This American brand takes an artistic approach to creating clothing for people who love tattoo culture. Below, we explore what they're all about.

The Origins Of Sullen Art Co.

Sullen Clothing are almost two decades into their journey. Established in early 2001 in Huntington Beach, California the brand draws a great deal of inspiration from their surroundings; specifically the beach and tattoo culture in Southern California.

And that's where it all began for them. Underpinning the clothing brand is a strong understanding and appreciation of artistic values. Especially the values found in the tattoo world.

The brand's foundation in being an art collective is what brings authenticity to the clothing they create. Nikko Hurtado was the first artist whose work was used for a 'Tattoo Artist Series' clothing collection. Since then, collaborations like this with tattooists and artists alike have become the lifeblood of Sullen's clothing brand. And by working with artists in this way, the clothing and designs they create always hit the mark with tattoo enthusiasts.

A Look At Sullen's Choloha Summer Collection

Sullen's latest Summer collection has a fresh islander feel to it with a heavy influence towards surf and beach vacations. These tshirts are perfect to get you in the summer mood and would look good with everything from baggy jeans to board shorts.

Some stand out tshirts are the Reza Por El Surf which has a Santa Muerte feel and literally means "Praying For Surf", the Lio Badge Premium with strong tribal influences depicting a skull with Polynesian style tribal markings and the On A Good One Tee with its colourful parrot.

So there we have it. If you're looking for tattoo art inspired clothing for the summer that really encapsulates a chill beach vibe, look no further than Sullen.

What's On Offer From Sullen's Latest Artist Series Release

Sullen Art Co. is a clothing brand made by tattoo lovers for tattoo lovers. And because of this, it feels very genuine in the way it's styled and designed.

One of the key collections that Sullen offer is their 'Tattoo Artist Series' collection, that I mentioned a moment ago, where tattooists and artists can provide designs for clothing. And what's cool about the Tattoo Artist Series is that it's open to anybody.

As you might expect for a brand centred around tattoo art and culture, a lot of their clothing features imagery synonymous with tattoos: skulls, snakes, roses, eagles, and this collection is no exception.

Some stand out's from this artist series are the Teen Wolf Shirt, with traditional wolf flash imagery, the stand Rose TShirt by Sullen Co-founder and tattooer Ryan Smith and a haunting love story depiction by artist Domantas Parvainis.

By working with a variety of artists, with a range of styles, Sullen are able to keep their collections fresh.

Aside from clothing, Sullen Art Co. also have a cool selection of accessories and stock a number of product for tattooists.

Sullen Art Co. On The Web

Aside from clothing, Sullen also create a lot of good digital content. They are well established on social media, with close to a million followers on Instagram and a figure that isn't far behind on Facebook.

Their YouTube channel, SullenTV, has received over 64,000,000 views and has a number of tattoo-culture related video series. These include 'Portfolio Peeks', where tattoo artists showcase some of their best pieces, and 'Tattoo Timelapse' which lets viewers see artists at work.

Sullen Radio is the brand's podcast where they interview tattoo artists. These in-depth chats give listeners an insight into the lives and minds of renowned tattoo artists.

You can buy Sullen Art Co. clothing from the brand's website.

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