A Little Bit of Reggae with Hugo Feist

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A Little Bit of Reggae with Hugo Feist

From Lyricson to Sizzla, this is the perfect laid-back reggae playlist to get you in the mood for a long tattoo session.

This playlist has been put together by Hugo Feist; a french tattoo artist based in the Alpine town of Annecy, France. He works at Annecy-based studio Moonlight Workshop and his ultra-realistic tattoo designs have amassed him an Instagram following of over 130,000.

The tracks featured on this playlist bring a stimulating yet relaxed vibe to whatever setting they're played in, whether it be a tattoo studio, home or car.

It pulls together tracks from multiple generations of Reggae royalty. From Bob Marley and Peter Tosh to Damian Marley and Gyptian, this playlist features gems from over four decades of the genre.

There are also several songs on the playlist which feature US hip-hop stars such as Mos Def (Stephen Marley - Hey Baby), Wiz Khalifa (Damian Marley - Medication) and Nas (Damian Marley - Road To Zion).

So whether you're sitting down to a long tattoo session, are commuting to work are just want something to listen to while you're getting stuff done around the house, check out this excellent reggae playlist below.


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