A Quick Look at FK Irons Lightening Bolt

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A Quick Look at FK Irons Lightening Bolt

It’s the year 2020 and the tattoo industry is in the middle of a mini technology revolution with the introduction of wireless tattooing. All the major tattoo machine manufacturers are working on a product offering in this category whether it’s a battery pack or a full tattoo pen. This week we are taking a quick look at FK Irons Lightening Bolt Battery Pack.

FK Irons have been known for their slick design over the years with their Xion and Edge X range and this battery pack is no exception. The battery pack is compact and sleek. Based on looks alone the battery has something of an early Apple product feel. The battery pack has an ergonomic design which appears to seamlessly rest above the top of your hand but does not add additional wrist strain due to its lightweight of 2 ounces.

One stand out aspect of its design that will be appreciated is its colourful keypad. The keypad demonstrates the voltage the battery is running at, with a different colour used to annotate each voltage level.

As for the power itself, the battery can be charged in 1.5 hours through a USB-C cable making it compatible with most modern Android products. The battery will give you 6-10 hours of tattooing time depending on how high a voltage you like to run on.

The company has bet big with its wireless products and invested heavily in app development and Bluetooth technology. This is likely to pay dividends by future proofing its product range. Through the use of an app, fk irons can release a firmware upgrade which can be loaded on hardware such as the Hover compatible power supply or the battery pack to enable a new feature instantaneously. For tattooers to understand the benefit of this you need only to look at Tesla or Apple and their use of firmware updates to enable new features. A classic example would be the update of firmware on an old machine to make it compatible with a future product such as FK Irons future wireless footswitch release. This can only be a good thing for tattooers as it will mean you won’t need to replace your hardware as often to make it work with new tattoo equipment. This feature establishes FK Irons not just as a tattoo machinery manufacturer but also as a technology company.

The product has been in development since 2018 and is available on preorder with a scheduled release of Q1 2020. For us, we feel this is one of the better wireless products out there at a reasonable price . The product will retail at approximately $200/€175.

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