All Aboard World Famous Tattoo Ink’s “Squid Ink” & Virgin Voyages

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All Aboard World Famous Tattoo Ink’s “Squid Ink” & Virgin Voyages

All aboard Squid Ink! Tattooing on the high seas! The worlds first tattoo shop is about to set sail after the debut of Virgin Voyages new ship, Scarlet Lady in Dover. It's maiden voyage is scheduled to depart from Miami on the 1st April.

Virgin really wanted to create a unique experience for their customers onboard. To achieve this they offer a strong focus on wellbeing, with offerings such as B-Complex gym programmes, as well as The Perch, a outdoor yoga. Guests choose from 20+ eateries, including vegetarian cuisine from Razzle Dazzle, Michelin-starred dining from Brad Farmerie (of Public in New York) and Sohui Kim (of Insa in Brooklyn). In addition the cruise line will offer drag show brunches alongside its cocktail bar offerings of cocktails with names like “Yasss Queen” and the “Razzle Dazzle”.

Squid Ink on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

So what’s the one additional offering they need for their adult only guests? Yes, that’s right, an awesome tattoo studio offering the opportunity to get tattooed by some of the best in the business.

To establish a world renowned tattoo studio, you need to partner with industry legends and they don’t come more legendary than World Famous Tattoo Ink. Lou Rubino Jr, CEO & Owner of World Famous Tattoo Ink along with being a 2nd generation tattooer is also the founder of Soho Ink and Freshly Inked Magazine. Lou has been a pioneer for innovation in the industry and tattooing at sea just seems like a new way to push the boundaries.

Speaking of the offering from World Famous Tattoo Ink’s new sailing tattoo studio, Squid Ink, president and CEO of Virgin Voyages, Tom McAlpin said: “Tattooing is a time-honoured seafaring tradition and we’re continuing that legacy with rock and roll style by bringing some of the best ink artists to sea. Our sailors are looking to make lifelong memories, and we think there’s no better way to commemorate their first voyage with us than with a souvenir they’ll never lose track of.”

Lou Rubino Jr. commented: “The World Famous Tattoo Ink family has been working with sailors, pirates and rock stars for more than 50 years. As global acceptance of tattoos and body art continues to grow, partnering with Virgin Voyages gives us the unique opportunity to bring colour to places people might have never thought possible before. We couldn’t be more excited to leave our mark on the sea travel industry.”

The Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady will have two full time tattoo artists on board. Both artists will be hand picked by Lou.

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Only 4 days late lol but 2019 was an awesome year!! With a lot of hopes and dreams coming to fruition. I was able to marry someone way out of my league ( @ryanashleymalarkey ) who is now committed to me for the rest of her life 😉🙌 , Also was able to purchase my dream church which should work as the perfect facility for some of our future business endeavors geared towards giving back, and even was able to lock down a new assistant (Lauren)!!!! who I will introduce soon 😁. Can't wait to see what 2020 holds in store! I am planning on traveling way less focusing more time and energy on getting things running smoothly here at home since I can't seem to do that and travel at the same time. Also am wanting to establish and develop the relationships in my life more instead of being so focused on stretching further and further. It is definitely time to refine everything instead of the pursuit of more! Here are some of your favorites and my favorite tattoos of this last year along with some pictures of some great times! Like always thank you for all the love and support! I would never be able to do what I do without you or your support!

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A who’s who line up of tattooing guest artists is planned for Squid Ink when it opens. Already committed are Arlo DiCristina, known for his surrealist tattoos, Ink Master star Sarah Miller and Jime Litwalk known for his illustration tattoos.

Squid Ink will also offer additional services such as permanent make up treatments using vegan-friendly Perma Blend pigments and body piercing.

In a first for the cruise industry, Virgin have confirmed that candidates with visible tattoos may apply for shipboard position. Virgin Voyages are committed to allowing crew express themselves through tattoos.

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