An Interview with Martin Sjöberg

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An Interview with Martin Sjöberg

An Interview with Martin Sjoberg

Have you been captivated by Martin Sjöberg's work? The man is amazingly skilled when it comes to realistic tattoos. Some of his nature scenes capture the mood of the great outdoors so much that they jump of the skin with his use of warm and inviting colours. SkinGiants have been lucky enough for him to agree to an interview. Read on if you want to understand his thought process for tattoos and hist plans for the future! When did you start tattooing? What attracted you to it? I started tattooing about 8-9 years ago. I have always loved art and wanted to include that into my career. Do you remember your first tattoo? What was it? Did It Go Well? My first tattoo was a tribal dragon on a friend of mine. It went well. Whats your creative process? Do you prefer if the client has some ideas of what they want or do you prefer to have total creative freedom? I prefer if the client has some ideas but I get to use my creativity to develope the ideas and create something unique. You've done some amazing pieces in both colour & black and grey with many different styles. Do you feel you have a signature style and how would you describe it? My signature style would be realistic tattoos. For me one noticeable change in your recent work versus some of your early work is the increased use & blends of warm tones contrasting against blacks & greys, especially in your nature scenes. Do you feel your work has evolved over the years? What do you feel are the areas you have most evolved in? Do you have any pictures that you think show how you've evolved? I feel that i have developed quite a lot in the last few years and especially in color tattoos. I feel confident being able to experiment with colors and therefore develope even more in the future. When you started who was your mentor or the artist's whom would make you want to be better? I did not have a mentor when i started. Instead I learned myself by practising alot. Who are the artists you feel push you at the moment? There are many artists that i think are good and that i follow but i dont feel that anyone other then myself is pushing me to want to get better and develop. What was the most difficult technique for you to learn? And if you were teaching it to an apprentice now what tips would you give them? Definitely color and especially tattoos with a lot of color transitions. This is something that requires experience and something to test yourself forward with. My tip would be to start with simple color schemes and experiment with different tones. What are your favourite tattoo conventions and what are the ones you'll be working at in the next year? My favourite tattoo convention is Prison Ink in Horsens, Denmark. I will be attending at: Prison Ink, InkElite in Jönköping, Kalmar tattoo convention and Stockholm Ink Bash that i know of so far. Your other passion seems to be cars and car mods. Do you see similarities with tattooing, i.e. modifying the body vs a car. Have you had a chance to combine the two yet into a car themed tattoo? I see it as 2 different things. For me cars are just an interest while tattoos have for me become a lifestyle. No i havnt had a chance yet, not to the extent that i had wanted. Your now well established in the industry. Whats the next big thing you'd like to achieve? I haven't set any specific goals, i want to take it as it comes and see where it leads me in the future. The next step might be to start my own studio, who knows.

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