"Can You Hear Me" - Korn's Look At The Danger of Social Media

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"Can You Hear Me" - Korn's Look At The Danger of Social Media

In uncertain times music has the ability to unite us all and allow us to reflect on the common elements of our lives, sometimes good and sometimes bad. This week Korn have released the video for “Can You Hear Me”, the latest single from The Nothing.

In an ironic twist on the worlds current reliance on the Internet and Social Media due to self isolation from the Corona virus, the video for Can You Hear Me looks at the dangerous and obsessive side of modern communication technology in our chaotic lives.

The video focuses on how we as individuals emphasize social media’s use in today’s society, constantly scanning Internet comments, posting selfies and offering a voyeuristic view of our day with our constant updates through always connected mobile phones. It is an eerie look at how the change in the use of technology allows people easy access to peoples whereabouts and lowers our overall personal safety.

Directed by Adam Mason, the video plays out like a horror flick with a dark hooded silhouette in a dark room stalking his obsessions through a bank of screens monitoring and interacting with their social media and phones. It begins with comments of admiration and love for the stalkers victims but they change to zombies the more they interact with their phones and get hooked on the comments. Later the words change to hate as the stalker finally comes to consume them.

Korn have just finished their tour with Breaking Benjamin. Their next scheduled concerts are in May in Los Angeles with Faith No More and System of A Down. As of now these concerts have not been called off.

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