Charlotte Crosby Reveals A New Rib Tattoo

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Charlotte Crosby Reveals A New Rib Tattoo

Charlotte Crosby reveals all to show off her Massive new dragon tattoo - and her mum ain’t too happy about it

Last night, Crosby alluded to the new tattoo on her Instagram stories to all her followers.

Today through a strategically angled selfie she showed off the full tattoo, a winding dragon tattoo with a flower which curves just above her right hip. "The girl with the dragon tattoo." She commented beneath.

Her Just Tattoo Of Us coworker, tattoo artist Cally-Jo had the honour of inking this black and grey piece over a seven hour period in Bondi Ink in Sydney.

That 7 hour session didn’t impress her mum though, who was less than pleased when Charlotte showed her.

Her mum Letitia’s first response was: "For f**** sake. Why"

Charlotte responded: "Hahhahahahahhaha. Dad said do what ever I want."

But Letitia said: " think I could cry... I am shocked my Sunday is ruined. It's so big"

The reality star joked: "Do you think you can accept me and my new tattoo"

But she concluded: "I am not sure I need to have a think about it"

The message from her mum

Credit: Instagram Stories

On her Instagram Story, Charlottetown gave more details on her tattoo saying: "Yes I took a trip to Bondi ink, yet again like I always do in Sydney and me and Cally Jo did a mammoth session of seven hours.

"Seven hours. I want to say a huge thanks to Cally Jo - I don't know how we went through that together - and to Bondi Ink for staying open. We were there until 1am in the morning. I can't quite believe it."

Last year Charlotte had her tattoos of a bear and cheetah removed. They were originally dedicated to ex Stephen Bear, whom she split with in December 2017.

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