Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited Is Coming!

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Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited Is Coming!

It is just over a week to the launch of Cheyenne SQL Nova Unlimited. The official launch date for the latest machine from the German tattoo equipment manufacturer is the 30th March. So what can we expect from the wireless offering from Cheyenne? The SOL Nova Unlimited comes with all the features of the regular SOL Nova but with the added flexibility of cordless movement. The tattoo machine is operated by a single button and unlike FK Irons Lightening Bolt the unit does not come with a display for frequency. Cheyenne have developed a unique mode of operation by adjusting the frequency intuitively by tilting the pen whilst holding the power button. It remains to be seen if the motion based control is a superior experience to selecting a frequency setting but it allows for two operating modes; Steady Mode which runs with a constant hit frequency or Responsive Mode which runs with a reactive hit frequency which adapts based on the surface it is operating on.

Although the official dispatch date is at the end of the month, Cheyenne sponsored artists such as Bene Bader, Remis Cizauskas, Richard Arthur and Cassidy Bell have all had an advance look at the machine and seem impressed and excited at the prospective change the Nova Unlimited will have on how they work in the future.

The machine comes with a 3.5mm stroke and is suitable as both a liner and a shader and lends itself particularly well to black and grey work due to its soft and smooth running for which Cheyenne are famous. In terms of battery, the machine comes with two batteries. The batteries can provide power for five hours but only take three hours to charge so there is no fear of being unable to complete a full day session.

The frequency bandwidth ranges from 25hz to 140hz and is compatible with other Cheyenne products like disposable grips Ergo One Inch and Ergo Round along with having an adjustable needle depth.

The SOL Nova Unlimited is currently available on preorder through official Cheyenne distributors with a retail price of €1040 / £990 / $1100

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