The Doomsdayco Summer 2020 Collection Is Here

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The Doomsdayco Summer 2020 Collection Is Here

If you're looking for tattoo-inspired clothing that's ideal for the summer season, look no further than the Doomsdayco Summer 2020 collection. Featuring 40 garments and accessories, the range is available to shop online now.

What To Expect From The Doomsdayco Summer Collection

Doomsdayco have put together an eye-catching offering for Summer 2020 which includes tees, vests, shorts, hats and more - perfect for the hotter weather. The collection takes inspiration from a number of sources, including the animal kingdom and traditional Japanese artwork, with many of the designs having been designed by tattoo artists. Below, we take a closer look at the Doomsdayco Summer 2020 collection.

COVID-19 Skull Hats

With coronavirus sweeping the globe and everybody stuck in their houses, this summer is set to be one that we won't forget in a hurry. But, one good thing to come out of it is Doomsdayco's collection of COVID-inspired headwear. These hats are available in two styles (5-panel and 'dad cap'), and come in a variety of colours. These will go perfectly with one of the COVID t-shirts released in their Spring collection.

Jaguar Tees, Vests & Hoodies

Jaguars feature on a number of the pieces in Doomsdayco's Summer collection this year. Above is one of the designs, which features an imposing yet vibrant spotted jaguar, illustrated by Italian tattoo artist Simone "Sam Ink".

More Jaguar Designs

As well as this, there are also several other jaguar-inspired designs from the same artist. In these, the spotted jaguar is accompanied by a black companion and set on a red/pink background.

Dragon T-Shirts & Vests

Next up; a design which is actually two previous designs in one. The graphics on the Dragon t-shirts and vests included in this season's collection take elements from the Faces and Neon Dragon tees to create one eye-catching design.

Peacock Tees & Vests

The peacock t-shirts and vests in the Summer 2020 collection bring together a number of classic tattoo designs. They feature a large back graphic, as well as a smaller design on the front, in the middle of the torso.

BaldoTattoo Japanese Designs

The collection also features a number of designs drawn by Italian tattooist Andrea Baldo. These Japanese-inspired graphics include a geisha, a demon and a Namakubi, depicting a woman holding a severed head.

Shorts For The Summer

As well as tees, vests and hoodies, Doomsdayco has a substantial offering of shorts in this year's summer collection. Crafted in a number of styles and fabrics, these shorts feature a variety of low-key embroidered designs.

Black Denim Pinafore Dress

This black denim version of the already popular Doomsdayco pinafore dress features an embroidered wilting sunflower design and would work well with a striped t-shirt underneath.

Tan Duffel Bag

This Doomsday duffel bag is ideal as a gym or overnight bag, combining style with practicality. Presented in a tan and black colourway, it features subtle embroidered branding.

If you'd like to shop the Doomsdayco Summer 2020 collection, and much more, click here to visit their website now.

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