Frankie Sixx reveals the Tragic Story behind her Tattoos

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Frankie Sixx reveals the Tragic Story behind her Tattoos

Frankie Sixx, the daughter of Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx has just revealed the sad meaning behind her first tattoos on her official Instagram account.

In response to a question from a fan enquiring about her first tattoo, she revealed the traumatic period in her life that were there inspiration.

Frankie and her now husband welcomed a baby boy, Jesse Evan Easterson, to the world in 2016 but tragically the baby died the same day. Frankie got a tattoo of Jesse’s birth date on her wrist and a second tattoo of a baby’s footprint on her belly in memory of him on his first birthday.

Frankie and her husband mark the memorial of their late boy to show that how much his parents love him despite his death.

The fan asked:

“How many tattoos do you have? And what was your first?”

Frankie Sixx responded:

“I think I have 7. My first 2 were for my baby boy’s first birthday.”

You can see the instagram story below:

Image Credit: Instagram - Frankie Sixx

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