Hobo Jack Clothing Turns 5!

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Hobo Jack Clothing Turns 5!

Congratulations to Dan & Jim from Hobo Jack Clothing on their venture turning 5 today. Hobo Jack was setup in Dan & Jims Garage in 2014 as a small side venture. Starting with just a small digital printer and some grit and determination, "the hobo brothers" have built a brand to be proud off. Their brand is one that gives back and gets involved in the community that helped establish them, whether its through design collaborations with tattoo artists, designers and photographers or through sponsorship of the Hobojack Skateboarding team.

This year alone they are well on their way to achieving their dream of building the largest lifestyle independent clothing brands having surpassed the 100,000 order mark and establishing both the Jackwood Magazine and the Hobo Jack Tattoo studio in Bournemouth. Not content with doing it for themselves they have also started offering advice for aspiring clothing brand owners through Jimmys channel detailing exactly how to get your clothing empire started.


Commemorating this birthday achievement the hobojack team reminisced on the launch of their website 5 years ago, a daunting experience for any startup.

"The day the website went live 1 tee was sold. I was super stoked with this, it was a slow burner but people kept coming back. Day by day, tee by tee, we built." commented the hobojack team. "Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you just need to get the wheels movin."

If you want to see why this brand is adored by the tattoo community and managed to both pass the 100k units sold mark along with celebrating 5 years in business, check out some of their hobojack tshirts below.

We at Skin Giants are big fans of Hobo Jack and look forward to the next 5 years! Congratulations Dan & Jimmy

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