Hobo Jack - Week 17 Collection

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Hobo Jack - Week 17 Collection

The Hobo Brothers have done it again. Rather than do seasonal drops Jimmy & Dan have decided to release small collections on a weekly basis. They wanted to recreate the experience of getting a new tattoo and owning a piece of art which is unique to each individual person. With this in mind they have decided that each collection will be a limited release and once they have sold out they won't be reproduced in the future. The tshirt runs are limited to two hundred, with the hoodies and sweatshirts in batches of fifty ensuring owners of these products exclusivity and a low likelihood of running into someone with the same garment.

Hobo Jack double down on their affiliations to the tattoo industry with their Week 17 Release. This collection has been curated by Jimmy himself and adds to Hobo Jack's legacy of fantastically designed clothing with premium quality. The Week 17 Collection contains designs from regular collaborators such as Don Leon, Ash Price, James Shannon, Gustavo Ikeda and tattooer Amy Billing in addition to a design illustrated by Jimmy himself adding a personal stamp to the release.

Elimine8 TShirt

The Elimine8 t shirt contains a neotraditional style illustration of an octopus wrapped around an underwater bomb. The design from James Shannon uses a complimentary colour pallet of greens, oranges and yellows combined with some intricate details on the underwater bomb and octopus.

Flower Girl TShirt

The Flower Girl t shirt combines nature themes of roses and butterflies with a female portrait and geometric line shapes. The original design was hand drawn using coloured pencils by Hobo Jack's resident tattoo artist Amy Billing and this shows with the soft pastels of the rose petals and the smooth saturation of the butterfly wings.

Lucky Roses TShirt

The lucky roses tshirt is a flash sheet illustration of traditional tattoos. It contains artwork of a hand of cards, skull and snake, a rose, a flaming 8 ball and a dagger through a rose. Designed by Brazilian artist Gustavo Ikeda, it uses a simple colour palette of mostly reds and greens.

Purgatory TShirt

Also designed by Gustavo Ikeda (a.k.a. Born To Love), the Purgatory TShirt contains a collection of skulls in various positions enveloped by two black panthers. This unique formation of skulls and panthers tightly packed with some in upside positions give this design an eclectic feel. The single line outlines of the panthers body against the fabric calls for close inspection on initial glance until your met with the ferocious teeth from the Panthers heads.

Stay Happy Sweatshirt

The Stay Happy sweatshirt is a clean illustration of smiling teeth with a gold smiley face tooth from illustrator Ash Price. The unisex sweatshirt is a poly premium blend of 80% cotton which gives this illustration the perfect grey background to make it pop.

The Forsaken TShirt, Hobojack Logo Hoodie and Socks

The foresaken tshirt, hobojack logo hoodie and socks have been illustrated by Don Leon. Don has been responsible for the designs of some classic Hobojack tshirts in the past and he nails the job once again with the forsaken tshirt. The neon outlines of both the snake and skull really make this a stand out tshirt.

Sadly for anybody with eyes on the Hobojack logo hoodie these have been so popular that they have already sold out.

Fight to the Death TShirt

And finally there is the Fight to the Death TShirt which is illustrated by Jimmy himself. Jimmy combines his love of boxing with tattoos to create a modern day reaper screaming to fight to the death.

We recommend you head over to Hobo Jack now to get yours before they're all gone!

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