In Virtue - Where The Edges Meet

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In Virtue - Where The Edges Meet

In Virtue are a progressive metal band that likes to do things differently. Not content with being typecast, In Virtue like to combine their tracks with melodies and hooks that are so catchy you can picture yourself singing along to their songs on a summers day stuck in traffic. Their latest release “Where the Edges Meet” which dropped with an accompanying video is a collection of expertly crafted choruses heightened with a fantastic vocal.

The track itself focuses on where two worlds diverge and champions the conflict created when kindred spirits have been divided.

The video for “Where The Edge Meets” was shot on a rooftop in downtown L.A., in the vein of Guns N Roses “Don’t Cry” or Gohira’s “Stranded”. The sandy toned film of the band with the city backdrop , the catchy chorus and shredding guitar riffs is the perfect melting pot of progressive metal and pop.

Commenting on both the track and video, In Virtue said “‘Where The Edges Meet’ is the place where two worlds diverge – it’s the division between generations, the fault line that separates otherwise kindred souls and creates conflict where there was unity. It’s a time of upheaval and unrest that pits us against each other when really, the only way forward is always together.

“We shot this video on a rooftop in the middle of downtown Los Angeles, long before the Coronavirus struck and forced us all to become isolated recluses – but also to re-evaluate our reliance on each other. The view from up there really highlights both the divisions and the collective spirit of mankind, and provides a refreshing perspective in the face of a dangerous pandemic where we all feel so alone.”

“Where the Edges Meet” is a track from the bands forthcoming album Age of Legends. As of now there is no release date scheduled for this album but in the meantime you can get a taste of the album through the video above.

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