30 Jaws Tattoos To Get Your Teeth Into

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30 Jaws Tattoos To Get Your Teeth Into

Hollywood movies have taught us some valuable lessons over the years. And in the case of Jaws, it's this: if there's a super-aggressive, man-eating great white shark terrorising your local coastline... just stay out of the water. So as a reminder of what might be lurking beneath the waves on your next trip to the beach, here are some awesome Jaws tattoos for you to take a look at.

About The Jaws Movies

Jaws Tattoo by @egg_ink

Released in 1975, Jaws is a classic thriller/horror movie in which a great white shark terrorises a tourist resort over the course of a fateful 4th of July weekend. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie is based on the 1974 novel by Peter Benchley of the same name.

And although the shark (also referred to as Bruce) is the central focus of the whole film, one of the most powerful elements of the Jaws movie is how little you actually see of it. A lot of the fear-inducing moments are created by simply implying that the shark is there. The audience's imagination does the rest.

The suspense-filled musical score makes this even more effective. John Williams, who composed the soundtracks for other huge films such as the Star Wars Saga, is the man behind the simple but terrifying music that alerts the audience to the shark's presence.

After the success of the first Jaws movie, a following three sequels were made. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the sequels didn't live up to the success of the original - to say the least.

Check out the crazy Jaws-inspired tattoo designs we've found for you below.

Bruce (Shark)

The main antagonist in the Jaws movie is, obviously, a shark. The name Bruce was given to him by film crew members, who were referencing Steven Spielberg's lawyer Bruce Raynor. However, when fans of the movie heard about this, they too adopted the name and it stuck.

Martin Brody

Martin Brody is the chief of police on Amity Island. He's the main hero in the original film and his quick-thinking is what ultimately leads to Jaws' demise.


Quint is a hardened WW2 veteran and shark hunter - so, a pretty good person to have on-side when there's a 25ft shark causing all kinds of havoc nearby.

Orca (Boat)

The Orca is the fishing boat that Quint, Brody and Hooper pursue Jaws in. It belongs to Quint, and is arguably one of, if not the, most famous boat in cinema history.

More Jaws Tattoos

Below are further tattoos in tribute of the original Jaws film

Chief Brody Tattoo by @thaddeuskatras
Jaws Tattoo by @juan_reyes_tattoos
Jaws Tattoo by @randyengelhard
Jaws Tattoo by @inkbysaga
Jaws Tattoo by @bustattoo
Jaws Tattoo by @paulmarinotattoo
Jaws Tattoo by @theyoul
Jaws Tattoo by @artofbuduo
Jaws Tattoo by @joshbodwell
Jaws Tattoo by @boblewistattoos
Jaws Tattoo by @amyedwardstattoo
Jaws Tattoo by @benjaminlaukis

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