Mondial du Tatouage Cancelled!

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Mondial du Tatouage Cancelled!

The Mondial du Tatouage has just announced that they have had to cancel this major event on the tattoo calendar due to the current health recommendations regarding the Coronavirus. The organisers had been working with the authorities in recent weeks to ensure the event could proceed. They had agreed to limit the capacity of the event to 5000 even though the venue could hold 11,000 people. They had organised for hand sanitisers to be placed at every entrance. All cloakroom attendants would be wearing protective gloves that would be changed regularly and all tattooers were asked to wear a mask ensuring the safety of all attendees of the convention.

Unfortunately all these precautions were not enough for the authorities and the organisers announced on their instagram account last night: "We are devastated to announce that the mondial du tatouage will be cancelled, based on an arbitrary decision from the authorities against our will. In the case of the coronavirus, we worked closely with the authorities and took all the necessary measures for a safe event, and are thus particularly disappointed by the decision. We are doing all that we can to limit the impact on the visitors and are looking into all routes to reimburse pre-sale tickets. We will get back to those ticket holders as soon as possible. Thank you for your comprehension, and hope we can count on you for the next edition."

The Mondial du Tattoage is an international tattoo convention that brings over 400 tattoo artists from around the world & features contests, concerts, food & professional tattoo accessories. It had the honor of being recognized as the most visited tattoo convention in the world with over 30,000 attendees over a three day period. The event was due to take place on the 13th-15th March and this year was to be its 10 year anniversary featuring many world renowned tattooers such as Chimé, Christina Ramos, Diego Moraes, Dodie, Eskimo, Fred Laverne, Jess Tattooer, Luka Lajoie, Manu Durand, Niko Inko, Po Oino, Sam Rulz , Suluape Pili Moo, Thomas DHT, Thierry Manao or Yushi Horikichi. Information concerning the reimbursement of tickets will be communicated in the coming days on their site and by email to the persons concerned.

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