Over 20 Nostalgic Gremlins Tattoos

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Over 20 Nostalgic Gremlins Tattoos

A somewhat out-there Christmas film, Gremlins is a 1980s cult classic. Written by Chris Columbus, the script was never intended to be anything more than a writing sample. That was until Steven Spielberg got his hands on it and claimed it was like nothing he'd ever seen before.

Now, practically everyone has seen Gremlins. And if you haven't, I'm not sure what you've been wasting your time watching at Christmas. But, just in case you're not familiar with the plot...

Gremlins starts with its main character, Billy Peltzer, receiving a Christmas present like no other. Gizmo, a little brown and white ball of fluff, otherwise known as a mogwai. Sold to his father by a shopkeeper named Mr Wing, Gizmo is given to him with the understanding that Billy will follow these three very clear rules:

  1. Do not expose mogwai to bright lights. (Bright lights make mogwai melt into a pulpy puddle of mush)
  2. Do not let mogwai get wet (When a mogwai gets wet, it creates more mogwai)
  3. Do not feed mogwai after midnight (When mogwai eat after midnight, they go into a cocoon and come out the other side in a more evil, less cute form)

Straightforward stuff, right? Mr Wing probably thought so too. But as you can imagine, Billy goes on to break all of these rules throughout the duration of the film. Because if he didn't, it wouldn't be much of a film would it.


Gizmo is the main mogwai in the Gremlins films and is, quite uncharacteristically for his species, pretty chill. With his big eyes, oversized ears and cheeky little grin, it's no surprise he (or she, in fact - do mogwai even have genders?) has wound up in a few tattoo designs over the years.


Now, do you remember that rule Mr. Wing had about not feeding Mogwai after midnight? Yeah. This is why. Because when you do, they transform into horrible little gremlins which will turn your life upside down - and have a great time while doing so.

So, in tribute to this iconic movie series, here are some superb Gremlins tattoos for your enjoyment.

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