Over 55 of the Best Breaking Bad Tattoos

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Over 55 of the Best Breaking Bad Tattoos

Over 5 years and 62 episodes Breaking Bad became a cultural phenomenon. For its final season run it was the talk at the office water cooler, dissecting all the ending of various plot points that had been masterly woven over the previous five seasons. The writing on this show has been so good that its final season is still referred to as one of the best endings of a show of all time. Over the years, the writers have given us such amazing dialogue that has led to catchphrases such as "I am the one who knocks", "Say My Name" and the simple but elegant "Yo, Bitch!". With complex characters that are both loved and despised and a unique story telling of a good mans descent into the drug world, its popularity has led to all forms of tributes from fans, from tattoos to obituaries.

The show focuses on Walter White, a seemingly mild mannered chemistry teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Walter is approaching fifty with a new baby on the way when he is diagnosed with cancer. With no savings and working a part time job in a car wash to make ends meet, Walt is desperate to leave a financial nest egg to provide for his family after he is gone. Inspired by a throw away comment by his DEA brother in law about how much money drug dealers make, Walt tries to make some quick cash by using his chemistry skills to make crystal meth. The story is a morality tale that charts Walt's progression from a low level meth cook helped by his petty criminal ex student to Underworld Drug King pin. Along the way Walt justifies his actions for the good of his family, no matter how morally questionable the task is, whether it's the recruitment of Jesse as his low level drug dealer to killing innocent third parties .

Walter White
Walter is the protagonist of Breaking Bad. He is a bitter man with disdain for his seemingly normal life. When he develops throat cancer it gives him the opportunity to put his unused skills to work and build a drug empire run by his alter ego "Heisenberg". To quote the man himself: " I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And... I was really... I was alive. " .

Jesse Pinkman
Jesse is Walters conflicted right hand man. Jesse begins as a low level crystal meth cook who used to be a student of Walts. Walt recruits him to give him an introduction to drug business. Over the course of the show Jesse matures from a naive adolescent to man troubled by the trauma he has endured. He recognizes the evil that Walt has become and finds it difficult to resolve his hatred for "Heisenberg" and his loyalty to a man who he considered a friend and mentor.

Hank Schrader
Hank is Walt's brother in law who happens to be a drug enforcement agent. Hank is a tough gung ho type of character who acts as the force of good on the show. Hank is caught in a cat and mouse game tracking his nemesis Heisenberg. Hank is deeply loyal to his family and has no suspicions that his brother in law is the king pin he has been tracking.

Gus Fring
Gustavo Fring is one of the main antagonists in Breaking Bad. Outwardly he appears as a successful businessman running a chain of "Los Pollos de Hermanos" chicken restaurants but really he is a meticulous and ruthless mob boss that is affiliated with the Mexican Juarez drug cartel. Gus initially recruits Walt to manufacture Meth for him but grows tired of the complications Walt brings to his operation and becomes a threat to Walt's life.

Mike Ehrmantraut
Mike is Gus's enforcer. He and Walt have a difficult relationship. Mike becomes something of a father figure for Jesse but has a dislike for Walt as he see's Walt for his arrogance and his over inflated opinion of being a criminal mastermind. Hank believes somebody with such an ego which is the opposite of how Gus operates would eventually get him killed. He wasn't wrong.

Saul Goodman
Saul is the comic relief on the show. Saul is Walt & Jesse's "criminal" lawyer, criminal being the operative word. Saul is an expert in criminal activity and regularly advises on how to launder drug money as well as taking a percentage for any deals he negotiates. Saul is a brash and loud character from his bright suits to his light comedy moments, he is a firm fan favourite.

Hector Salamanca
Hector Salamanca is a past leader of the Juarez cartel who is retired due to his health problems and old age. He is an enemy of Gus having killed Gus's original partner. Walter collaborates with Walter to bring about Gus's end in one the most gruesome tv deaths.

Additional Breaking Bad Tattoos
Below we have put together a further collection of amazing Breaking Bad tattoos that reflect just how loved the show was:

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