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Parkway Drive - Viva The Underdogs

What would define something as an ‘underdog’? Instead of a meteoric rise to fame, Parkway Drive have had a 15 year journey from humble metalcore beginnings to becoming one of the biggest metal bands around. Documenting their transformation from underdogs to ..., Parkway Drive have released Viva The Underdogs which is both a live album and documentary.

Inspired by a line from Wild Eyes on their 2012 album, this new album is based around the bands open air concert in Wacken in 2019. As a live album it’s perfectly balanced with audience participation, from the jump enticing rhythm of a reworked version of The Void, to the crowd sing along to Wild Eyes. The album successfully captures the energy and climatic build up of an open air concert.

For anyone who has never heard or seen Parkway Drive before this album it defines with certainty why they are a band to be seen live. For anyone who has been lucky enough to see them in concert this album will take you right back to the experience and allow you to reminisce in all your head banging glory.

The album contains three versions of tracks sung in German. The tracks are Würgegriff (Vice Grip), Die Leere (The Void) and Schattenboxen (Shadowboxing). Winston McCall does a great job making you believe this is the language the tracks were originally written in with no syllable or vocal seeming out of place against the metal banging riffs. Schattenboxen which is a mixture of both English and German features German rapper Casper rapping in German to add even more authenticity to the track.

Parkway Drive have also given us the bonus of releasing a complimentary documentary of the same name to complete the packaging of this live show as a complete experience faithful to the heritage of the band and also encompassing a live show.

The documentary was premiered on YouTube on the 4th April. For those that didn’t watch the live stream of the full documentary on Youtube at the Weekend, the following is a snippet of what you missed.

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