Save Our Souls Clothing Drops Their Spring 2020 Collection

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Save Our Souls Clothing Drops Their Spring 2020 Collection

Save Our Souls Clothing has just dropped their Spring 2020 collection. The Uk based alternative lifestyle brand has stayed true to their core themes of tattoos and life but I must say this collection definitely has a travel feeling to it.

Some items to call out would be their “The Good Times”, “Cactus Head”, “Too Wild To Die” and “Stay Spicy” releases that give off some tex/mex vibes with their use of western imagery in a tattoo style.

Expanding on the travel theme, they have added the Endless Holiday, Gnarly, Mermaid and Wave To The Grave lines which embraces nautical themes in a slick urban fashion.

Going back to their roots, the sustainable brand from Essex still have core tattooed theme offerings of “Line, Laugh, Loathe”, “Stag Beetle”, “Cupid” and “Envy the dead”.

Save Our Souls Clothing was founded in 2017 by Marc Carter and Stacey Donoghue based around their love of tattoos, music and life in general. SOS has grown over the past few years through collaborations with tattoo artists such as Lucy Artiss and noteable celebrities like James Buckley (The Inbetweeners, Rock & Chips, White Gold) and his "Completed It Mate" range.

They use bio-degradable, water based inks and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques in all the products they produce. Their “trash” collection is a limited edition collection made from 100% recycled material.

Additionally all their garments are sourced from Continental and Earth Positive. Both Conitnental and Earth Postive are members of the Fair Wear Foundation whose core initiative is to improve labour conditions for workers who work in the clothes manufacturing industry.

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