Things To Think About When Considering Getting A Tattoo

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Things To Think About When Considering Getting A Tattoo

So, you're thinking about getting a tattoo. That's cool. Tattoos are an artistic and eye-catching way of expressing yourself to the world.

But before you head down to your local tattoo studio, there are a number of important things you need to think about first.

Getting these things right before a needle touches your skin will give you the very best chance of ending up with a tattoo that you'll always be happy with.

Which is much better than the alternative - which will likely result in regrets, cover-ups and/or laser tattoo removal.

So, with that in mind, here are our top things to think about when considering getting a tattoo.

Be Sure About What You Want And Who You Want To Do It

Before considering any of the following points in this article, this is what you should think about first. Do you really want this tattoo?

Anybody who has ended up with a tattoo that they've later come to regret will tell you; it's much better to spend some extra time deciding if the design and placement you've chosen is what you really want.

Is it something that you believe in? Will you look at it 20 years down the line and still be pleased to have it? Not sure? Give it a while longer.

Making a hasty decision at this stage may mean you need to go down the cover-up or laser removal route later down the line.

Once you have decided on a design, and you know where you want it on your body, the next thing you need to consider is who will do the tattoo for you.

This is important because a lot of people, especially if it's their first tattoo, think a tattoo artist is just a tattoo artist. But that's not the case. And it's not even just that some artists are better than others.

Tattooist often specialise in certain styles. So if you're looking for a realistic portrait of a family member, you likely won't get the results you were hoping for by using a tattooist who specialises in old-school style tattoos.

When looking for a tattoo artist, keep the design in mind, and look for somebody who is good at the style of tattoo you want.

Are You Physically Ready To Be Tattooed?

Getting a tattoo takes its toll on your body. Not only can it hurt, it can also be quite physically draining. So with that in mind, it's important to set yourself up for a successful and stress-free session.

First things first, your skin needs to be in a good condition. So, in the run-up to your tattoo, you need to avoid getting sun burn at all costs. You should also avoid this in the weeks following getting your tattoo too.

As well as this, if the area being tattooed needs shaving, you may be tempted to do it yourself. But you shouldn't. The tattooist will do it for you. Doing it yourself puts you at risk of accidentally cutting yourself or giving yourself shaving rash. Neither of which are ideal.

Skin aside, you also need to be in good condition within yourself. Make sure you're fresh by getting a good night's sleep. Avoid drinking alcohol the night before. Not only will you feel groggy and fragile, alcohol also thins your blood, resulting in more bleeding and potential issues with your tattoo.

Finally, getting tattooed affects your blood sugar. And if you're blood sugar gets low (which it can do when you're getting inked) you may become nauseous - or even faint.

To avoid this, make sure you eat a large meal before you go to the studio. Also, take a sugary snack, such as some sweets, with you too. Be sure to eat these to pick you up during the session.

Be Clear On Tattooing Etiquette

To set yourself up for a successful tattoo session, there are a few etiquette-related points to consider. Luckily, most of these are just general courtesy.

Firstly, make sure you're on time for you appointment and have bought everything they've asked you to bring, such as your I.D.

During the actual session, it's fine to ask questions and communicate. And in fact, often, your tattooist will more than likely appreciate a chat while they work.

However, be aware that there are times they will want to be quiet and focus on what they're doing. It's important you allow them to do this.

Also, if your struggling at any point and feel like you need a break - absolutely ask for one. There's nothing wrong with doing that.

How Will You Look After Your New Tattoo?

It's good to have a solid idea of what you will need to do to look after your new tattoo. And if you have any questions or concerns, ask your tattoo artist. They will be more than happy to help.

You should also consider a couple of other factors before booking your tattoo appointment. After your tattoo, there are two things you will need to avoid for a couple of weeks. These are submerging your tattoo in water and exposing it to the sun.

So if you have something planned which will expose you to either of these things, or perhaps both, such as going on a holiday - maybe it's better to wait until you've come back before getting your tattoo.

Final Thoughts

Tattoos are not easy to remove so it's important to think it through properly before making the decision to get one.

And we're sure that if you take on board all of our recommended things to think about when considering getting a tattoo, you'll have a much better chance of coming out of the studio with a tattoo you're proud of.

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