Snakes And Daggers Apparel - Our Top Picks For May 2020

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Snakes And Daggers Apparel - Our Top Picks For May 2020

With a name like Snakes And Daggers Apparel, it may not surprise you that this clothing brand specialize in creating high-quality tattoo-inspired clothing.

Below, we take a look at 12 of our favourite pieces from their website for May 2020. Enjoy.

(Click images to view products on the Snakes And Daggers Apparel Website)

Neomlei Death Wish Tee

Kicking things off is this tee designed by New York illustrator Eli Klemmeck / Neomlei. Featuring a quirky but dark design, this t-shirt reminds us that death is coming for us one way or another. It's available in white and black.

Snake & Dagger Tee

Next up, a black t-shirt which pays homage to the brand's name. This tee features a stylised snake and dagger design on the back, as well as a smaller white design on the left breast. Also available in white.

Daruma Doll Tee

This white Snakes And Daggers Apparel t-shirt is inspired by Japanese Daruma Dolls. Its vibrant red and orange back graphics really pop on the simple white tee. This t-shirt also features a simple brand logo design on the left breast.

Panther Sweater

Add some colour to your wardrobe with this pink panther sweater (no, not that pink panther). This sweatshirt has an old-school tattoo inspired panther and dagger design on the back, and a 'SADA' text logo on the front left breast. Also available in white.

Wild Seas Sweater

This nautical tattoo-inspired sweater is ideal for any ink fanatic. Featuring a framed lighthouse and ship design, complete with flowers and eagle, this sweatshirt has matching graphics on its back and on the left breast. Also available on a white sweater.

Neomlei Feel Crop Top

Next up, we have another garment designed by Eli Klemmeck, this time in the form of a crop top. The meaning behind the circular design on the front of this top is open for interpretation but it's cool, none the less.

Ship Tank Top

Another nautical entry in our top picks from Snakes and Daggers Apparel clothing brand. This one features a simple but effective monochrome ship design on a black vest - perfect for summer days by the sea.

High Hopes Moth Beanie

This High Hopes Moth Beanie from Snakes And Daggers Apparel is available in a few different colours and features a cool embroidered moth design.

"All Monsters Are Men" Hat

Simple, thought-provoking, kind of angsty. This black dad cap features a simple white text design which is subtle yet effective.

One Love Socks

Do you love pizza? Then, boy, do Snakes and Daggers Apparel have a pair of socks for you. These black and white socks pay tribute to the doughy, molten-cheese goodness that is pizza.

Swallow Socks

Bring one of the most loved tattoo designs of all time to your ankles with these swallow socks. Printed on black and white socks, these are perfect for bringing a subtle splash of colour to your outfit.


Aside from tattoo inspired clothing and accessories, Snake and Daggers Apparel also have a cool selection of tattoo inspired stickers.

To view all of these products and more, visit the Snake and Daggers website today.

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