Some Bandit Rock - Martin Sjöberg

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Some Bandit Rock - Martin Sjöberg

Need to get pumped for your tattoo session, workout or whatever else it is that you're doing? Martin Sjöberg's playlist has what you need. It features tracks from Rage Against The Machine, Kings Of Leon, Avenged Sevenfold and many, many more.

This playlist was compiled by Swedish tattooist Martin Sjöberg, whose ultra-realistic pieces are celebrated by tattoo enthusiasts around the world. He works at Vectorious Art in Falköping, Sweden.

Bandit Rock, this playlist's namesake, is a Swedish radio station which plays rock, punk and heavy metal. So, naturally, that's exactly what you'll find on the track list.

From energy-filled rock anthems such as System Of A Down - Toxicity, through to mellow classics like Creed - Arms Wide Open, this playlist has it all. It really is an eclectic collection of tracks, featuring the likes of Bryan Adams alongside Slipknot.

There are also some excellent rock covers, such as Nirvana's rendition of Lake of Fire, as well as a Chris Cornell cover of Billie Jean.

Enjoy a taste of Sweden's Bandit Rock radio by listening to Martin Sjöberg's very own playlist. Perfect for when you're getting some new ink, hitting the gym or driving in the car.

Listen to it below.

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