Some of the best Walking Dead Tattoos

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Some of the best Walking Dead Tattoos

One of the most popular and long running series out there, The Walking Dead has been keeping audiences captivated since 2010. The show focuses on Rick Grimes and his family as they navigate the Zombie apocalypse whilst collecting various characters to add to their little community. The show has already had 10 seasons with an eleventh season approved. At its peak the show had 17.3 million viewers making it the most watched show in cable history. With popularity like that it's no wonder fans are getting Walking Dead tattoos in homage to the show.

The themes, characters and shocking moments allow for a vast array of different Walking Dead tattoos. From the get go the show has been quite graphic and gratuitous with the violence and gore. It's difficult to have a show about flesh eating zombies where the main characters regularly die at either the hands of undead or the remaining unscrupulous humans without showing the level of violent desperation a person will have at a near death experience. The endurance of these people to survive in such a hostile environment is what viewers find so appealing both to watch and to have tattooed on their bodies.

Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes, this is essentially his story. The story begins with Rick waking up from a coma in what appears to be a pandemic that has caused chaos across the country. As the story develops, its realised that its not a pandemic but actually the zombie apocalypse which threatens to wipe all humans from existence. Rick steps up to the plate to become a leader and takes responsibility to get any survivors that join him to safety. Rick is a strong and resourceful character which makes him a strong choice as a tattoo to show of your favourtie show.

Neegan is the shows big bad that was introduced in season 6. He is the extermely brutal and charismatic leader of a group of survivors called the Saviors. The Saviors is a group that oppresses other survivor communities and forces them to pay tribute to him. Neegans scare inducing presence and ability to mentally break Rick and the other members of the group through his sadistic choices of punishment for the group make him a popular tattoo choice for fans.

Daryl is one of the most popular characters on the show. He is the distant loner with a good heart. His loyalty and bravery has portrayed him as the ultimate soldier on the show. He is a skilled marksman with a bow and an expert tracker. His skills are used on all the major battles and missions on the show. A tattoo of Daryl portrays you as one of the lonely champions of the world.

Michonne is the classic female warrior with a background of mystery. We are first introduced to her quietly walking along the road with two walkers on a chain. She has her hood up and Kitana sword with her which makes for one of the most bad ass introductions ever. She is loyal and tough throughout the series. A tattoo of Michonne is a representation of strength.

Carl Grimes
Carl Grime is Rick Grimes son. He is introduced as a normal innocent child but as he grows up in the post apocolyptic world, he looses his innocence and morality. This puts him at odds with his father who tries to instill a sense of right and wrong in him. Eventually Carl as he matures gets back his desire to help people but retains his skepticism and ability to make tough choices for the good of the group.

Abraham was a former Army Sergeant prior to the apocalypse. He is a strong but flawed character with a short temper. He is a redemption character who after killing a group of men in a rage for a slight indiscretion against his family in an early part of the story, he goes on to selflessly give his life for others in season 6.

Maggie was a daughter of Hershel. She went on to marry Glenn Rhee. After her family was killed off she appeared suicidal but eventually she hardened and became a leader. Later she became the defacto leader of the Hill Top Community and went on to have Glenns son after his death at the hands of Neegan.

Morgan is the rational thinker of the group. He struggles with his desire to come to peaceful resolutions and the requirement to settle disputes by force and a show of power. A tattoo of Morgan shows a person with a level head.

Just as popular as the characters and moments are the weapons used on the show. From crossbows to baseball bats, they have become iconic symbols of the Walking Dead with just as much popularity as the protagonist characters.

Just as famous as Neegan, Lucille is his weapon of choice when dishing out punishment to people that defy or are a threat to him. Lucille is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and has been used to bash some of the most popular characters to death like Glenn and Abraham. Neegan treats Lucille like a living person and often refers to her as a "Thirsty Girl". Lucille has been in so many iconic moments of the show that it would be hard not to see a tattoo of her and not immediately think of these great moments.

Below we have put together a few more tattoos that represent the zombie themes and greatness of the show:

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