System of A Down - New Music After 15 Years?

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System of A Down - New Music After 15 Years?

Fifteen years ago, System of A Down's fans were able to celebrate their last two albums “Hypnotize” and “Mezmerize.” Now rumor has it that there might be a slight chance that the band will release some new material and “work together for a common goal,” according to System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan.

In a recent interview, Dolmayan said that maybe other bands can put their bullshit aside as well, referring to the recent reconcilement of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ former guitarist John Frusciante. Other bands such as Tool and Rage Against the Machines jumped on the bandwagon as well.

On Instagram, he wrote, “Perhaps it’s time to put all the bullshit aside, check the massive egos at the door, and do together what none of us can do alone. Maybe, just maybe a Christmas miracle will happen. Maybe it can be a System Of A Down.”

Fans are interested, despite the lack of new material. Vocalist Serj Tankian is encouraged by their fans to release songs from their last album sessions. But the rest of the band still needs to agree to it. Per fan request on Patreon, Tankian replied, “For the unreleased SOAD songs? I am all for it. Convince everyone else.”

Dolmayan, on the other hand, has said, “I don’t know if a new album will ever happen.” And guitarist Daron Malakian has said the same, that it’s “not likely ”that the band will drop a new album in the near future.

However, the band is scheduled to tour this year, - with its original band members.

At least there is hope.

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