Tattoo Shop Mix - with Colin Whitfield

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Tattoo Shop Mix - with Colin Whitfield

A playlist containing heavy metal greats from System of A Down, Black Sabbath to all-time legends such as David Bowie and New Order

Finding the right tattoo shop can already be challenging, let’s not be a buzz killer with the wrong playlist.

Because if the music is off, the vibe can change. And as a customer who’s about to get tattooed - like for instance your first tattoo ever - you want to feel comfortable in order for you to relax.

This tattoo shop mix with Colin Withfield starts off smooth with the Shakey Graves and “Pansy Waltz” and continues with Shakey Graves “The Perfect Parts.” It’s folky, but dark, with a clear voice and a lot of emotions.

It’s like the process while you wait to get tattooed, excitement and anxieties build-up, patiently waiting, where all anticipation is building up until it’s your turn to sit in the chair and get penetrated by a needle in fast-paced motions. That’s when the list continues and plays music by the Misfits, and faster tracks by Shakey Graves, as well as System of a Down.

It’s a good way to release some stress and anger by relaxing and focusing on nothing just breathing, that’s the key to relaxation and dealing with pain, which is also related to pleasure.

Halfway down the list of over a hundred songs, the adrenalin is at its peak and before the climax, with Rancid, Black Sabbath and Marilyn Manson, it then gets smooth again with some more Shakey Graves, Nirvana, as well as David Bowie. It’s an interesting mix of heavy metal, ‘90s grunge, glam rock, and even German industrial such as Rammstein with “Ich will.”

Just like the process of getting a tattoo, which is like experiencing an emotional roller coaster, this tattoo shop mix with Colin Withfield reflects exactly that, a dive into different feels.


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