10 Pairs of Vans You Need To Own

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10 Pairs of Vans You Need To Own

Every skater and lover of comfort and affordable shoes is familiar with the sneaker brand, Vans. The ultimate skater-shoe of the '90s.

Originally from sunny California, America's surfers and skateboarders paradise, this beautiful and versatile shoe first started by brothers James Van Doren, Paul Van Doren, and Gordon C. Lee.

With skateboarding on their minds, this shoe soon became a household favorite worldwide and it even became the main sponsor of the mega rock festival Warped Tour.

And although Vans have been around for a hot minute, some on this list are worth knowing and perhaps buying, according to Youtube Vlogger Seth Flower.

The order is irrelevant, he says in his video, all that matters that the top 10 is mentioned.

Here we go!


One of the newest vans to the family - with surfers in mind - are these bad boys. Not only are these awesome looking with their camouflage exterior, they are also super comfy. And with comfort in mind, they made these luxliner extra soft for those long journeys travelling the globe or just a leisurely stroll in your local park. The sock-fit bootie style means there is no more rubbing. Yay! These Vans are made with a breathable material and responsive fit but also have a Quirky edge to them. They also come in different colors and are also budget friendly.


If you're feeling a bit nostalgic, these '80s inspired Vans will definitely feed into your cravings. It's an unisex sneaker, which is retro as hell with their floral appearance, a massive hit with all ages and genders . Staying true to what we already know these are again super comfy and with the reinforced toe caps in place they are sure to withstand everyday walk struggles, especially if you are on your feet all day long. Aside from the comfort part, they can also make any outfit pop (looking at you, fashionista), and no you don't have to own a skateboard to look cool wearing them.


These budget friendly sneakers are not only a trend setter, they're also practical to say the least. With the narrow fitting of the canvas upper and the tradition lacing keeping your feet secure and feeling fresh all day. Also, they don't require to be broken in, like other popular sneakers. These lightweight sneakers come in many different colors, making it even easier to accessorize them with what you're wearing and quite honestly, you can never have enough Vans in your life.


If you're looking for a more funky unique stylish sneaker then these might be right up your street. Coming in many amazing colors and color combos, even checkered. The two displayed, are just the tip of the iceberg. The great thing about Vans is that majority of them are super budget friendly.


Similar to the hi-reissue cap, these Vans are light and comfy, and although simple, they go with every outfit. If baggies or fittet, if a skirt or a dress or shorts, they will definitely be eye catching - in a good way that is. However, according to the Vans homepage, they are currently unavailable, but it seems like that other retailers, such as Zappos and Amazon might have a few left. So hurry.


Even if you’re not a Bowie fan, you’ll love those Bowie inspired Old Skool David Bowie Aladdin Sane, released in April 2019, which are white with blue and red highlights. Developed as a tribute to the late talent, the sneakers are high in demand. And for good reason. They’re affordable - like what Vans are known for - are obviously different and cool, and kind of limited therefore a good chance to be eventually sold out completely, so it’s better to get your hands on them while you can.


Not just kids love Disney - or Tim Burton - but so do adults. Those custom "A Nightmare Before Christmas" Vans are popping with color and theme and are not just cool to look at, but also comfortable which is the most important aspect when buying shoes. Make sure to keep an eye out for them.


As a skater you might be familiar with Elijah Berle, rider of the Global Skate Team. If you’re clueless who Berle is, just know that this is his signature shoe. Yup, the Vans Berle Pro are designed with the skater in mind, and the sneaker is packed with WaffleControl technology but kept simple and light. However, you don’t need to be a professional skater to be comfortable and rock some stylish sneakers, with duracap-reinforced uppers, gum rubber enhancements for longevity, and LuxLiner for an overall great fit.


California surfer Alex Knost, designed this fashion forward sneaker, which features vegan patent leather, of course. The SK8-Hi 138 Decon Surf is great for the environment, but also stylish and like walking on clouds, because of its molded UltraCush sock liners to give enough cushioning, rubber toe caps, and rubber waffle soles. It’s a must have in your sneaker collection, even if you still eat meat and never saw a surfboard.


Did someone say '90s? The absolute must-have Vans sneaker to own. However, since this one is special, you should only take those babies out for special occasions, we don't want to spoil the moment, do we? And since they are probably a little challenging to get, if you find a pair in your size, don't think twice and don't let them out of your sight - buy them, treat them like a car. They might be worth something like an old school car in the near future, who knows?

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