Vanessa Hudgens gets a “Divine Feminine” angel tattoo

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Vanessa Hudgens gets a “Divine Feminine” angel tattoo

Vanessa Hudgens is clearly excited with her new tattoo. The Bad Boys for Life star, posted a new video to her Instagram showing the exact moment she got to see her finished tattoo. The clip shows her giggling as she runs to see her latest ink by Dragon from Bang Bang studio in NY. The tattoo is a portrait of The Devine Feminine on her rib cage on the right side. The Devine Feminine is a naked angel which symbolises reconnection and spiritual balance.

On seeing the design in the reflection of the mirror, Hudgens released a sound of pure pleasure and excitement for her latest ink.

Underneath her Instagram post she captioned it: “Lol this was the first time I saw it. I never peeked. Hilarious, I love @drag_ink so damn much. What. A. Legend.”

Hudgens went on to post a number of additional shots of the finished tattoo on Instagram.

Underneath a close up of the detailed design she wrote: “Divine feminine angel ❤️ not me…. my tat, But you can call me that, if you want to .”

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