Watch Lindemann's Mosco 2020 Concert in Full!

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Watch Lindemann's Mosco 2020 Concert in Full!

Lindemann, the collaboration project between Till Lindemann from RAMMSTEIN & Swedish producer Peter Tägtgren played in Moscow, Russia as part of it's European tour on March 15th. Now fan footage of the entire Moscow concert from the VTB Arena has been released online.

Lindemann's follow up album to 2015's "Skills In Pills", "F & M" was released in November 2019. Unlike the english based "Skills & Pills", "F & M" contains Till singing german lyrics to tracks such as "Ich weiß es nicht" on an album produced and mixed by Tägtgren.

The duo also collaborated on a fresh take on the play "Hansel & Gretel" with the Hamburg Thalia Theater. The new adaption of the classic Brothers Grimm tale deals with topics such as hope, fear, abundance, poverty along with themes of death and cannibalism. Lindemann have combined five songs from this play with six new studio tracks to complete their second album.

On the night in Moscow, Lindemann performed a selection of songs from both albums to a glorious and grateful crowd of concert goers.

To make it easier for your viewing pleasure we have compiled the tracklist with deeplinks to each song so you can skip to whatever track you want.

1:19 - Skills in Pills
6:07 - Ladyboy
9:29 - Fat
14:00 - Frau & Mann
17:47 - Ich weiß es nicht
22:35 - Allesfresser
28:18 - Knebel
32:45 - Home Sweet Home
37:27 - Cowboy
41:31 - Golden Shower
46:06 - Blut
54:09 - Platz Eins
59:25 - Praise Abort
1:04:25 - Fish On
1:13:06 - Ach so Gern
1:18:01 - Gummi
1:23:05 - Steh Auf

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