About Us

SkinGiants.com was founded based on a shared passion for tattoos and tattoo culture. What started as an instagram account highlighting the best tattoos and tattoo artists has grown into a tattoo inspired clothing line and brand.

Unlike other tattoo inspired clothing brands that focus on trad tattoos, we are inspired by realism and surrealism tattoos with a bit of a dark slant. We take elements from these tattoos such as skulls, reapers or dark surreal depictions and turn them into clothing we ourselves would like to wear.

Why The Name SkinGiants?

The name came about for 2 reasons:

  • We wanted a name which reflected that the tattoos and artists that we highlight are the best of the best, that they are giants of the industry.
  • The second reason is one which resonates with us and it was one simple statement: "Be A Giant In Your Own Skin" . Be A Giant In Your Own Skin means whether your heavily tattooed or just had one or two, be comfortable and the best version of yourself within your own skin. Sometimes we like to shorten this to simply "Be A Giant" but its a statement we like to live by.